Gas Central Heating with Add On Refrigerated Cooling

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Wonders Pty Ltd recommends, sells and installs only Brivis gas ducted heating and add on cooling systems. Brivis have been the market leader in ducted heating for a number of years and is the only company that manufacture the entire system and accompanying add on components. Add on refrigerated cooling can only be achieved if the gas central heating system has been installed with the specific duct sizes and fan capacity required. Both these are larger than those used on a heating only ducted system.

When incorporated with add on refrigerated cooling, the capacity of the cooling system is always less than the capacity of the heating system. As a consequence, add on refrigerated systems must be zoned. Generally the home will be divided into 2 zones - living and sleeping. Heating will be achieved in either one or both of these zones at any time but cooling can only be achieved in one zone at any one time (not both at the same time). However this will also depend on the size and layout of the home. Hence a home of 12 - 15 squares will by way of a larger heating unit achieve whole home refrigerated cooling without the need for zoning. Systems can be installed either under floor or through the ceiling. In most cases, under floor (where room allows) is favoured for Victorian weather conditions. Houses on concrete slabs will only allow ceiling installation. Zones are created by installing shutters in the main duct to a specific area. There are rules with the minimum number of outlets open but generally speaking gas ducted heating with add on cooling systems are divided into 2 areas, living and sleeping. The switching of these is done by the wall control.

Approx price guide

Total Systems

15-20sq home $9,000 - $10,800
18-25sq home $10,000 - $11,800
20-30sq home $12,000 - $14,000

We only use silver sleeve fire rated ducting which is carefully sourced from 2 suppliers. There are a few differences in duct types and generally the industry will use either a wire cored duct with either a silver foil or plastic outer sleeve over the insulation. Silver sleeve is more expensive and longer lasting than plastic which perishes more quickly. In amongst the main different suppliers there are various different qualities of both types. You can be sure when we install your system you will have good quality duct and fittings. From an installation point of view it is always easier to work with higher quality materials so it benefits everybody. We can handle and do all sorts of jobs, from new installations, changeover heating units, changeover cooling units on existing systems, adding or changing ducts and outlets, upgrades, improvements and designing systems.

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