Gas Space Heating

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Wonders Pty Ltd supply and install Rinnai, Cannon, Vulcan and Braemar gas space heaters. Gas space heating is available in a few different types as listed below:

  • Traditional Space Heaters with white ceramic candles or radiant tiles and a fan (radiant and convection)
  • Balanced Flue console type heaters which have no visible flame and are fan only (convection)
  • Wall Furnaces or Upright Column Units - fan only (convection)
  • Gas Log Fires that are made to replicate the look of an open fire (radiant and convection)

Gas space heaters essentially heat the area or room that they are in, although some ancillary heating can be achieved through doors and openings.

Most types of gas space heaters are available in 2 models:

  • Inbuilt units - these units are installed into an existing fireplace or wall cavity
  • Console units - these units can  be freestanding or fixed to a wall

Gas space heaters are ideal for units and small homes or defined spaces. They are cheaper to run than ducted heating and create ambience by providing a focal hot spot. All heaters on Natural Gas in Victoria must have a flue to vent the burnt fumes outside. Many different options of flue types are available. And we understand all of the types and possibilities available.

Generally an inbuilt gas space heater starts from $1,500 installed to $3,500 for larger models.

We have over 20 years experience installing gas space heaters and are well suited to solve any enquiry. We do new installations, changeovers, new flues, alter gas lines and all works involved with gas space heaters

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