Hot Water Systems

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Due to our long history with the Gas and Fuel Corporation, Wonders Pty Ltd has many years of experience with Hot Water Systems and can match a unit to your requirements. We supply and install all types of Hot Water Systems (excepting solar). These include gas storage, gas continuous flow and electric storage units. Brands that we sell and install are: AquaMax, Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch and Dux. Installation can be same day or within 24 hours for units requiring replacement urgently (in most cases).


Gas and Electric Storage Units

  • These units consist of tanks that hold the water at a fixed temperature until required. These units store the water pre-heated for delivery as required and generally supply a stronger and more consistent flow-rate than continuous flow / instantaneous systems because they operate at mains pressure. An advantage of these systems is that less amount of water is wasted at the time of turning on the tap to time of hot water delivered from the tap. Generally these systems are cheaper to buy and installation costs also tend to be cheaper. They will handle multiple users at the same time. The downside is that the amount of hot water available is limited to the size of the tank and so it is possible to run out of hot water.

Gas Continuous Flow or Instantaneous Units

  • With these type of units water is heated 'on demand' as the water flows through the system. A range of different flow rates is available. These systems are very flexible in their application as they will provide continuous hot water. They are ideal in those dwellings where space is an issue and also in situations where demand for hot water is variable.

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