Single Split Air Conditioners

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Wonders Pty Ltd recommends, sells and installs Toshiba and Carrier split systems.

Single split air conditioning provides heating and cooling to a single defined area. The most common type of single split system is the single high wall unit, but other options such as cassettes within the ceiling, floor consoles and bulk head systems are available. Single split air conditioners are available as either Fixed Speed or Inverter types:

Fixed Speed Systems

With these systems, the outdoor unit works at a constant speed until the desired temperature is achieved.

Inverter Systems

By comparison, an Inverter system has a start up rate that is slower and this rate varies as the desired temperature is approached. As a consequence the Inverter system is more efficient because less power is required for its operation. Generally these units are installed with the indoor unit on an external wall and the outdoor unit on the ground behind, but many other options are available. They have a single hand held remote control and come in a range of sizes

Single Wall Hung Split Systems start in range of $1400 for the smallest 2.5kW non inverter to $3800 for the largest single 9.0kW Inverter including installation.

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